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Monday, September 29, 2008

Phra Lersi - The Thai Hermit

In the Thai language a hermit is called a Lersi (reusee) and in Khmer a rosei from Sanskrit rishī, that is, a forest dwelling visionary. As a matter of fact, in the oldest surviving Buddhist scriptures, the Buddha himself is referred to as the "Rishī" in the Pali form Isi.

In general Lersi are known as 'Ascetics' and are characterised by refraining from worldly pleasures. Those who practice this lifestyle hope to achieve greater spirituality. Essentially they believe that the action of purifying the body helps to purify the soul, and thus obtain a greater connection with the divine.

Originating in India before the time of Buddha most are hermits and live, study and meditate in caves or forests.

Essentially Phra Lersi are Indian hermits who are credited as founders and patron saints of various professions such as doctors, religious tattooists, white magic practitioners, herbalists and many others. There are a total of 108 scared Lersi (hermits) that are recognized by name and many others who are not. More often than not the Lersi is generically represented as an old man wearing a conical head dress and tiger skin robes.

Tiger Head Lersi statue by Luang Phor Kalong in B.E 2550

In Indian mythology, Phra Lersi received worldly knowledge from the Gods and taught this to mankind. Thus Phra Lersi are known as Masters of knowledge and are frequently worshipped by students and others in academic pursuits. As Phra Lersi are also credited to be founders of the Thai magical arts, they feature prominently on the alters of magical practitioners in Thailand and are invoked in rituals.

By carrying the image of Phra Lersi it is believed that you will be protected from black magic and evil spirits.
Phra Lersi amulet by Luang Phor Kay (Wat Sirisumpunin) B.E2548

The above picture tells: Hanuman kneels on a red tiled floor holding up his tail. Hanuman's tail continues to burn until he finds a wise forest hermit who can reveal the secret. (The story behind the festival of Diwali)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rian NaraiPengRoop by Archan Nong

The front image of Rian NaraiPengRoop is Phra Luang Phor Thuad (Consecrated by Archan Nong in B.E 2537)

Archan Nong Wat SaiKow Famous for his Tarkut NaraiPengRoop (use for avoid danger and black magic) and you should felt lucky if you owned a NaraiPengRoop Tarkut consecrated by Archan Nong. Dont be disappointed if you can't find a Archan Nong's NaraiPengRoop Tarkut because you can wear Rian NaraoPengRoop as a replacement for the Tarkut.

Back View of Rian Naraipengroop (copper material)
Nawak Material (Rare)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Phra Luang Phor Thuat - The Legend

Luang Phor Thuad is a highest level monk during 400 years ago

Luang Phor Thuad was born in B.E 2125 (1582) in Suan Chan Village, Chumphol Dustrict, Sathing Phra in Songkla (Southern Thailand). His parent was Khun Hu and Mae Chan, a poor couple living in the place of Shrentthi Pan, the wealthy landlord. His parents name their child as “Pu” (meaning crab).

When Pu (Luang Phor Thuad) was less than 6 months old, he was placed in a towel under a shady tree near the padi field while his mother was working.At noon she ceased work for a time in order to breast-feed him. As she walked towards the baby, she saw a huge python twine round him.She alarmed for help. The neighbours quickly gathered knives, axes and clubs and came round. The python was stern and motionless. The people around did not know what to do. No one dared to start the attack and suddenly,his mother gets an idea. With the old belief that this snake might be the god created vision. She quickly plucked seven wild flowers of different colours, put then on a leaf which served as a plate, knelt down, closed her eyes, and prayed earnestly.The python spit out a crystal ball on the baby’s chest and left out soon. It was a brilliant crystal ball.Many people gathered round to have a look at it. His mother then kept the gem and brought him home.

A rich man offered a very good price for the crystal ball, but his mother did not wish to sell it. The rich man forced her.At last she presented it to him. The rich man was happy but for only a while. Within three days, all members in his family fell ill. He consulted a medium and was told that he had kept something which did not belong to him by right. Only the baby boy could own it.The rich man was frightened and returned the crystal ball to the baby’s mother. Within 3 months, money poured in like water. His parents became very rich. The neighbours were jealous. They stole the crystal ball. They were chased by the python till they threw it into a pit.Later a deity revealed the whereabouts of the crystal ball to his parents in their dreams, thus the precious crystal ball was recovered. His parents became more devoted to the Buddha.They generously helped the poor, made offerings to the Sangha (Monk) and built temples.

One of the famous monk that is very efficious in making Luang Phor Thuad amulets is Archan Tim of Wat Changhai. Other than Archan Tim, Archan Nong of Wat SaiKow amulets can be use like Archan Tim amulets.

Luang Phor Thuad began to learn about the Buddhist teaching in a temple nearby at the age of 5 years old. Rather talented as he was, he mastered all subjects his teacher could guide him within a year. He went to other temples over the hill and across the jungle to acquire further teaching every day. He became a monk at the age of 12 years old and devoted a full time study in the Dharma. His father passed away at the age of 72 years old when he was 30 years old. In order to further the studies in Buddhism, he left his mother and went to other province.

From the present location, Wat Pakok, Singora, Thailand, Luang Phor Thuad took a boat sailing northward to Ayuthaya province (former capital of Thailand). After sailing for half a day, the boat met with great storms. The boat was jolted and the passengers were frightened. The boat did not arrive at its destination after drifting for several days. The store of drinking water ran short. The boatmen gathered that their previous voyages had all been very smooth.The catastrophe might have been caused by the presence of the monks.They planned to push him into the sea. He could sense their intention. He consoled them that they needed not worry about drinking water as there was plentiful around. He stretched his leg out of the boat, the storm was pacified. With his leg, he drew a circle on the sea and told the boatmen to draw water within the circle for drinking.

Luang Phor Thuad amulet by Luang Phor Deng, Wat SiMaHaPhor
The image of the Luang Phor Thuad amulet showing : LP Thuad stretched his leg out of the boat and touch the sea water

The boatmen were angry at first as they did not believe that the sea water could be used for drinking. After his assurance they made a try and found that it was actually drinkable. One purposely tasted the water outside the circle and shouted that it was salty.The boatmen were amazed and did not take further steps to harm Luang Phor Thuad.

On the next day, the boat arrived at the Ayuthaya province.Luang Phor Thuad walked for a few miles and was happy to see a stately temple in front of him.The monks in the temple refused to accept him as he was poorly clad. He turned to an old temple not very far away. The old keeper welcomed him and offered him board and lodging. He stayed there to study the scripture, to pay homage to the Buddha and to practised meditation for half a year.

The ruler of a neighbouring country,King of Sri Lanka sent seven monks to Ayuthaya province to test the achievements of the monks in Thailand. They brought with them 12 bowls containing 84,000 words. These words were to be arranged into a certain sutra within 1 week. If the task was accomplished, King of Sri Lanka will prepare to present Thailand with seven boats made of gold. Should the task be a failure, Thailand should surrender their sovereignty to their country. The Thai King gathered all well-known learned monks to tackle the problem. Many tried but were not successful.

Announcement was made by the court to look for someone capable of dealing with the task. On the fourth night the King dreamed of a white elephant trumpeting in dazzling light. He consulted a fortune-teller and was told that it was a good sign as a sage was likely to appear to solve the problem. The King was uncertain. On the sixth day, Luang Phor Thuad left the temple in the morning to beg for food. He arrived at a rich man’s house. The people were discussing about that very serious topic. They saw him holding a bowl standing in front of their doors. The host reverently offered him food. He sensed that the monk in front was rather extraordinary in appearance. He paid Luang Phor Thuat due respect and told the latter that their country reputed for their Buddhist studies would be put to shame if no one could meet the challenge put forward by the neighbouring land and asked whether the latter could help in that matter. Luang Phor Thuad replied that he would try. The host was very happy. He intended to invite Luang Phor Thuat to see the King immediately. Luang Phor Thuad told him not to be hurry and would go the next morning.

After Luang Phor Thuat had left, the host broke the news to the King. On the next morning, the King sent a special carriage to bring Luang Phor Thuat to the palace. On arrival he was escorted by the officials to the entrance. The steps with loud noises as Luang Phor Thuat walked on them barefooted. The King and the officials were all very quiet. About half an hour later the monks from the neighbouring country came in. After exchanging greetings, Luang Phor Thuad began to arrange the words. 12 bowls of words were poured on the table. He closed his eyes and arranged them with both hands. About a quarter of an hour later, he announced that 5 words were missing.

Those 7 monks remained in silence. He then warned that anyone did not quickly take out those missing words would die of cracking skull. The culprit was frightened and took out those missing words. With his eyes closed Luang Phor Thuad exercised the supernormal power to arrange the words. The sutra was completed in a little while. Seeing that Thailand was invincible, those seven monks presented those 7 boats made of gold and left.Thus Luang Phor Thuad’s name was well-known throughout the country. He was looked upon as a saintly Buddhist monk in Thai history.

Luang Phor Thuad amulet in Sivali style by Archan Nong, Wat SaiKow (made in B.E 2539)

Luang Phor Thuad remained in the capital city for a few years until be was informed of his mother’s serious illness. He rushed southwards and not long after his mother died at the age of 78 years old. After the funeral he stayed back in Singora, Thailand.

A state governor from the south by the surname of Phang, a man with a comparatively dark countenance, wished to build a Buddhist temple. He came to Singora to look for a distinguished monk to head the project. One evening after sunset, he saw an old monk stroll along the seaside, leaving behind a trail of light. He knew that was the right person to approach. He stepped forward to pay due respect to the monk and told the monk his intention of building a temple in Pattani. Luang Phor Thuad already knew the matter through his psychic power. He consented and went with the governor Phang to Pattani. When the construction was completed, the temple was named Wat ChangHai. Luang Phor Thuad was abbot to this temple till he passed away at the age of 120 years old.

For over three hundred years Luang Phor Thuat has been exercising his power to help people in danger and accidents. His images were highly esteemed for their supernormal power.

The image may protect the bearer from the disturbance by demons and relieve sufferings of a patient. Its effect in preventing accidents is especially noted.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shen Teng (善堂) - The Charity Organization at Thailand

The Entrance of the "Tong Shen Shen Teng" (同声善堂), "Tong Shen Shen Teng" is the one of the "Shen Teng" located at HatYai

"Shen Teng" (善堂) is a well known Teo Chew (潮洲) charity organization in Thailand. Any accident occurred in Thailand, the first to arrive at the scene is the staff from Shen Teng. They clean up dead bodies, buried those bodies which are unidentified or without family. Shen Teng also involved charity works such as medical, meals, education to the poor, funeral for the poor and those without relative to hold the funeral for the descent. Most of staff from Shen Teng are volunteer.

picture: HatYai Ton Shen Sheng Teng (合艾同声善堂) worship to 宋大峰祖师

For those people who have passed away without relative collecting their body, Shen Teng will collect these bodies and provide them with a simple coffin which will later be buried at cemetery.

Picture: Vehicle parking lot at Sheng Teng HatYai

Donation counter at "Shen Teng" (donate coffin and medicine for the poor)

**Special thanks for Ken Goh
providing those photo

Love Legend of Mae Nak! My another favorite Thai Movie : Nang Nak (鬼妻)

The story of Nang Nak has been told ad infinity and remains a popular (if not the most popular) part of Thai horror lore. The story is supposed to have originated over many generations ago, and is purported to be based on true accounts of an actual woman name Nak whose faithful love for her husband defies death. In fact, the name Nak is so connected with this ghostly legend that “Nak” has almost ceased to become a viable name for new babies; hence you’ll be hardpressed to find anyone in Thailand sporting that name. (Ask anyone about Nak in Thailand and they’ll immediately know who, and what, you are talking about. It’s that widespread.)

Movie Trailer -"Nang Nak"

Because the legend is so well known, there have been countless movies and TV series on the subject, but Nonzee Nimibutr’s 1999 version is the first big budget adaptation I have seen. The story is a simple one: a woman, whose husband is off fighting a war, dies while giving birth to her son; still in love with her husband, the woman returns as a ghost and welcomes her husband home. Although the rest of the country village that the family resides in knows Nak is dead, the husband doesn’t, and believes everything to be okay. In an effort to keep her husband with her, Nak terrorizes the villagers in order to keep them quiet about her true unearthly state.

if you missed this movie don't worry!
now you can Watch "Nang Nak" online!

Click here to watch (Part 1) enjoy! (Chinese / English subtitle)
Click here to watch (Part 2)

more infomation about 鬼妻庙

Mae Nak's statue at Wat Maha But, Suan Luang District

Thai people believe, a woman who died with her baby creates a powerful spirit called "Phi Tai Hong Thong Klom".
Mae Nak, a legendary spirit who has been much revered for more than a century. Her spirit house is filled with flower garlands from worshippers. more info

Video - Mae Nak Temple

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

GuMan Thong - The Thai ghost child?!

GuMan Thong is a Thai amulet created in the form of a lovely young child, but it's really a ghost !! It's was first created in the early of Ayuthaya era or some 500 years ago during Khun Paen's life period. It can be said that Khun Paen was the first who created GuMan Thong.

Story of Guman Thong originate....

The origins of the first story relating to GuMan Thong were from a 19th century work of literature "Khun Chang Khun Pean" . Khun Pean was a soldier, 400 years previous, a time when supernatural forces played an important part of traditional warfare.

Khun Pean had wanted a protective spirit to watch over him in battle. To this end he cut the unborn foetus of his son from his dead wife's womb and took it to a temple to perform an occult rite in which he created the first recorded Guman Thong.

The method of Khun Pean used to create the first Guman Thong....

Khun Pean wrapped the child's torso in sacred cloth and roasted it on a fire whilst chanting ritual mantras and dark incantations to create the supernatural being with whom he could communicate.

The equipment required by Khun Pean included three candles, a tinder box, a protective thread, and some metal yantras (metal talismans inscribed with mystic symbols). He lit the candles and laid consecrated wood as a bed for the foetus. Then he put a powerful Visnu yantra on its head, a royal yantra beneath it, a Visnu yantra on its middle, and a Dharani yantra on the ground. He then set gilded posts at the four cardinal points, together with yantras and flags, and he tied the protective thread around [to ward off interferences!. He overlaid the posts with a canopy having a yantra of Indra's golden chains, as prescribed for such occasions. He took charmed Mergui wood and lit a fire beneath the foetus in order to kindle pure life in it.

As he sat reciting mantras as he exposed the foetus to the fire and warmed it throughout, turning it now on its front, now on its back, until, just as dawn broke, it was thoroughly dried. Then, as Khun Phan still recited the mantras, up rose Golden Boy and spoke, ready to do his master's bidding. He named the entity GuMan Thong.

Archan Yaem of Wat SamNgam is the guru monk who makes the best Guman Thong statues and amulets, after the late Luang Phor Tae of Wat SamNgam

Luang Phor Yeam Wat SamNgam

Types of Guman Thong ...

Guman Thong is a little boy with a topknot, wearing Jongraben (a traditional cloth rolled between legs and brought up to the back), nothing on top, wearing a sash of gold and diamonds.

The Guman Thong is in fact a spirit of a child that has been captured in the idol by a medium or monk that understands and has knowledge of arcane spells and incantations. It is thought that these spells are preserved by the spirits in the Himpan forest (known to us from Thai literature)

There are two types of child spirit – the spirit having fate and karma from a past life and the spirit without fate and karma. If a spirit previously had bad karma then it is their karma in this life to be exploited by practitioners of magic or controlled by withayathorn. (a guru of black magic) They are susceptible to become Guman Thong.

The other type of spirit is that has no previous karma and cannot become a Guman Thong. They will be re-born according to karma.

Apart from Guman Thong, there is also the Golden Gumaree, Gumaree or Gumareethong, essentially a female form of the Guman Thong.

The age and sex of my Guman Thong....

Guman Thong are child spirits and as such are all children. All Guman Thong are male. However some Guman are female and are known in Thai as Golden Gumaree, Gumaree or Gumareethong

Mini Guman Thong Statue by Luang Phor Yeam of Wat SamNgam

BiaGae - The Most Powerful Talisman Against Evil Force

The magic science to create BiaGae amulets was known and inherited from the Ayudhaya period or at least 400-500 years ago and many believe that the tradition is older than that!

BiaGae (cowie shell, commonly filled with mercury and tarkut) is a special kind of amulet which is widely use to avoid and protect from Black Magic, evil forces, ghosts and spirits.

Cowrie or cowry shell is a very beautiful shiny tropical sea shell, it is humped back sometimes decorated with spots like a leopard skin. During ancient time in China, South East Asia and Africa, it was commonly used as coin or money. The Thai people called it BiaGae and used it instead as a talisman for protection. The arched back of cowrie is like a shield and therefore it is believe that it could bounce off evil energy, similar to tortoise shell was employed by FengShui master in China for warding off bad energy. Mercury was also filled inside the cowrie, takrut then placed at the gap of the cowrie, and sealed tightly with special ingredients preventing it from leakage. Sometimes, it will be tied around with strings and painted with lacquer.

The wearer believes that he will be protected against: black magic, bad luck, evil forces and demons.
BiaGae by Luang Phor Cher (Wat KlangBangKaew) - Luang Phor Cher is respected as the most important Guru for the creation of the Bia Gae amulet.

BiaGae are known to be effective for protection and in particular from evil influences and malevolant spirits. It is not uncommon for persons on their death bed to request such an amulet as protection from spirits that will endlessly disturb and torture the dying. It is said by some that such amulets will also help to set the soul free and give protection beyond the grave,ensuring a smooth passage into the next life.

Katha For:
Luang Phor Jer BiaGae
Luang Phor Jer 法贝经文

Pali:【Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammasambuddhasa】 (x3遍)
音译:【那摸 达沙 帕咖瓦多 阿拉哈多 三马三不塔沙】(x3遍)

【itipiso bhagava yatrayamdi dai yam phra si svaddee labho namo buddhaya】
【依第比说 帕咖瓦 亚特拉央地 带 央 phra 习 沙瓦地 拉坡 那莫 布塔亚】

【a sang vi su lo bu sa phu bha buddhasangmi iswasu】
【啊 商 V 书 罗 布 沙 普 扒 布塔商米 一沙瓦书】

My favorite Thai Movie : KUNPAN (Khun Pean) - Legend of the Warlord

KUNPAN : Legend of the Warlord (movie title in chinese: 大将军)

This is the story of Khun Pean, Khun Chang, and the fair Nang WanThong. In the year 147, the parents of these three, people of that era, were loyal subjects of the realm of His Majesty King Phanwasa.

The movie based on classical Thai literature "Khun Chang Khun Pean".

Kun Pan (Khun Pean) is a magical, tragic love story based on the life and times of a strong warrior, Kun Pan (Khun Pean) . During a time of rebellion, Kub Pan’s arch enemy and rival for Pimpilalai’s love, convinces the king to send Kun Pan off to battle. He must go off and fight, and leave his love behind. Time goes by, and Kun Pan’s rival tries to console Pimpilalai while telling her Pan must have died in battle. Eventually she believes him, and mourns. But Kun Pan is not dead, and he comes back from battle with his second wife, only to find that Pimpilalai is now with his rival. Kun Pan wants … no needs, his revenge. But when the king finds out about the rivalry, he banishes Kun Pan from the kingdom. With nowhere else to go, he ends up in the forest, and with a third wife. There, he gets magical powers both spiritual and material. Again back in the Kingdom, Kun Pan takes Pimpilalai away to live with him in the forest. From there, events continue to happen to complicate his life, that of his wives, and everyone around them in a swirl of fate and retribution, and tragedy.

Production company of this great thai movie : Five Star Production
Year produce : 1992

Monday, September 22, 2008

New Luang Phor Thuad Amulet by Luang Phor Thong Wat ShamPoChey

New Batch of Luang Phor Thuad (B.E 2551) amulet consecrated by Luang Phor Thong, Wat ShamPoChey.

The launching date of this new batch of Thuad amulet will be on 8th December 2008.

From the part of catalog we can see (from left to right) the GaMaiKit (Square match box type), Pim A and HuaWean (Ring type) of Luang Phor Thuad

The Luang Phor Thuad (Loy Ong)

New Phra Khun Paen Amulet by Archan Sarkon Wat NongKrub

New batch of B.E 2551 Phra Khun Pean amulet soon to be released by Wat NongKrub (Archan Sarkon) and this might be his final batch of making Khun Pean Prai Guman.

New Luang Phor Thuat Amulet by Archan Deng Wat Rai

"Katin 51 Mung Yant LanGaSuGar" Phra Luang Phor Thuad B.E 2551 by Archan Deng

New batch of Archan Deng Phra Luang Phor Thuad (B.E 2551) will be out on 1st November 2008.

Metta (loving kindness) Tarkut by Luang Phor Thong, Wat ShamPoChey

Tarkut (Metta) by Archan Thong

Luang Phor Thong (Archan Thong) - Wat ShamPoChey famous for making Tarkut. One of the best Tarkut he ever made is Tarkut which for Metta (loving kindness), business, career and wealth porpose.

Click here and read more :
1) What is Tarkut?
2) Famous monk who made Tarkut

How to read number in Thai Language

Number in Thai

๐ = Zero (0)
๑ = One (1)
๒ = Two (2)
๓ = Three (3)
๔ = Four (4)
๕ = Five (5)
๖ = Six (6)
๗ = Seven (7)
๘ = Eight (8)
๙ = Nine (9)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Golden Mouth Monk - Phor Than Klai, Wat SuanKan

PT Klai's photo

Luang Phor Klai (Phor Than Klai) is one of the respectable monk and famous southern monk. It was rumored that whatever he said or predicted, often came true, and that is why he was given the title "Golden Mouth" (金口和尚) by many.

When Luang Phor Klai was 14 years old, he went with his uncle to chop firewood and the tree he was chopping fell towards him and squashed his left leg. Luang Phor Klai though it was nothing much just a small injury and did not seek for medical attention, but eventually it become worse and worse. His left ankle was shattered upon inspection, it swelled till very big, started going gangreous and the pain was unbearable couldn't be cured.

One day when Luang phor Klai couldn't bear the pain anymore, he took a sharp knife and chopped of the swollen ankle region. When someone found out he did that, they were shocked and immediately wen to find herbs to help him to stop bleeding and found a medicinal healer to cure him.

Eventually Luang Phor Klai had trouble getting around and usually moved around on water buffalos. After Luang Phor Klai become less mobile due to this, he ordained at the age of 15 and by the age of 26 he become the temple abbot.

Amulet by Phor Than Klai - Rian Shen Teng (善堂 : charity house / charity organization at HatYai หาดใหญ่, South Thailand ) was give away to donator during the 4th anniversary for Shen Teng

Luang Phor Klai was born in 1876 and passed away in 1970 (B.E 2513) at the age of 94 years old and his body is still intact and present for viewing at Wat TattNoi (Wat ChanDi).

Phor Than Klai The legend

When people in west malaysia heard of the legend of the "Golden Mouth" monk, a lot of people went Thailand and looking for Luang Phor Klai to ask for lottery numbers but eventually Luang Phor Klai shook his head and did not say anything. Someone found a way around it, instead of asking for a number the man show Luang Phor a number and asked whether it was nice. Luang Phor Klai Luang Phor Klai replied that it was not bad and the man bought lottery and strike a lot of money.

Luang Phor Thong - Wat ShamPoChey

Luang Phor Thong (Archan Thong) - Wat ShamPoChey practice Vipasana meditation and can foresee people's future, cure black magic, business prediction and many unforseen power.

Luang Phor Thong's (AC Thong) Tarkut B.E 2545 for KongKraPan

In B.E 2527, he started to make Tarkut for devotees who came to the temple to pray or made donations. Miraculously in many cases, the takruts protected the wearers from harm, accidents (kongKraPan) and for metta (for wealth/business, one of his famous metta tarkut is Tarkut Man Bo - Man Bo means dragonfly). That make him famous overnight and people started to come to the temple to sort for his takrut thereafter.

Luang Phor Thong First Batch Rian Toh Hak Ner Thong Deng (Copper made) B.E 2529

Luang Phor Thong's rian Tok Hak is very famous nowadays in Thailand. He consecrated his First batch of Lian Toh Hak in B.E 2529 and he is also famous for his Phra Khring. The latest and famous amulets that he blessed is Luang Phor Thuad amulets which consecrated in B.E 2545.

Luang Phor Thong First Batch Phra Khring Ner NaWak (NaWak Made) consecrated in B.E 2536

Lian Luang Phor Thuad B.E 2549 (Copper) by Archan Thong
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