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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lok Gork - The Baby Ghost 人胎鬼仔

After seeing the Hong Kong cable show “Guai Tan” I have decided to compile some more information about lok gork.

Guman Thong (กุมารทอง), the baby ghost spirit has special power and greatly beneficial to the owner. The most well known one was from the Thai literature "Khun Chang Khun Pean" (คุณแปนคุณชาง) that Guman Thong was one of the most powerful sacred possessions that Khun Pean own, beside his famous sword "Daab Fa Fuen' and greyish SiMohk horse..

Other than the well known Guman Thong, the baby ghost spirit, there is another type of baby ghost spirit that is well known as well in Thailand and that is Lok Grok.

Lok Grok is actually a stillborn/unborn baby, very small in size and it seems that not all the organs are fully formed. Thai people believe that whomever take this stillborn baby and care for it; then Lok Grok by means of black magic in the spiritual form, will help them in many ways such as helping to protect the owner and will warn him if dangers were near, and would also bring many fortunes in various ways.

During those good old days, having faith or believing in Lok Grok was very common, however it is rare in this day and age, but still exists. If you’re interested in seeing one, it’d be very difficult to find, not like back then where it’d be in many homes in the village. Today, you might even find yourself looking at animal Lok Grok, such as dog or cat that aren’t as powerful as human, but at least it’s still Lok Grok, I think by having one, you have nothing to lose.

在看了香港有线电视节目"怪谈"系列 - 台灣不思議手記后 我激起我想去汇集更多些关于Lok Gork ("路过", 人胎灵童或俗称人胎鬼仔...听上去蛮可怕的但其实并不) 的信息资料.

我们就打从Guman Thong(古曼童, 俗称鬼仔,金童)说起吧,Guman Thong 是拥有特殊神力/能力的灵婴,古曼童会帮助他的供养者去达到他们想要达到目的。Guman Thong闻名源自于泰国的文学著作 "Khun Chang Khun Pean" (昆昌昆平). 泰国古时名将Khun Paen(坤平/昆平将军)拥有3大圣物:

那就是灰马SiMohk, 名剑 Daab Fa Fuen 还一个就是帮他出计避险的 Guman Thong.

除了众所周知的Guman Thong外 另一类型的灵婴要属在泰辽闻名的Lok Gork(路过)了.

Lok Grok实际上是经过特别仪式跟处理的婴儿的尸体(干尸) (p/s: 现在有些师傅已经取婴尸的型来代替了原有真正的婴儿尸体来制做这类护身符).

Lok Grok实际看上去很小而且所有的器官尚未完全成形。泰国人认为要是谁拥有Lok Grok; Lok Grok将多方面帮助他的主人,比方说保护他,并帮主人避险 以及以不同的方式给主人带来财富.

新马知名佛行老闆的猫Lok Gork
Cat Lok Gork

在以前, 崇信及拥有Lok Grok是司空见惯的事. 时过境迁到了现今的社会, 如果你要找个真正的 Lok Grok 却是蛮难办到事. 现今如果你有看到动物的Lok Gork,比如说狗或猫Lok Gork 虽然说狗或猫Lok Grok没有像人胎Lok Gork拥有那么强的灵力 但毕竟是难的一见的宝物所以拥有一件也算是美事一桩…而且nothing to lose!


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