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Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Wat Rakang Somdej Worth How Much? 8 million baht!?

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Pattaya Mail News : Phra Somdej Amulet (Somdej Wat Rakhang by Somdej Toh) estimated worth nearly 8 million baht. A district police officer, stands accused of robbery, attempted murder and threatening a person’s life with a weapon. The police officer tried pointed his Gun at the man's head (the amulet owner) and pulled the trigger twice. But the gun failed to fire.

Archan Toh 的 Somdej 佛牌(Somdej Wat RaKang)市值估价近800万泰铢!!?

巴提雅邮报 : 一区部警务人员被控: 抢劫,企图谋杀以及威胁他人生命等罪刑。事发当时该名涉罪警员欲图劫杀一名61岁男子 , 试图抢走该名男子身上的一枚顺德佛牌(Sondej 佛牌) 并朝事主头上开了2枪, 但神奇的是子弹并没射出.

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lI w3n_莉韵 said...

Do you know the background of Somdej??
How can I contact with you?
can u give me ur email??

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