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Monday, July 27, 2009

New Luang Phor Thuad Amulet B.E 2552 - SaeYit 92 Batch by Phor Than Kieow

Phor Than Kieow Of Wat Hui Ngor

Here another batch of new Phra Luang Phor Thuat amulet - by Phor Than Kieow Wat Hui Ngor Pattani province.

The new batch of Luang Phor Thuat amulet called "แซยิด ๕๒"("SaeYit 92") which to celebrate 92 years old birthday of phor than kieow on 19 August B.E2552.

The new amulet consider the 1st batch (run Lek รุ่น แรก) of Roop Lor Bao Toop* style amulet by phor than kieow.

*(The Roop Lor Bao Toop (cast mini statue with round curve base) style)

The total quantity for new Bao Toop made 5,000 unit with temple price 999 bht

北大年府的 Wat Hui Ngor 主持龙婆Kieow(又称Phor Than Kieow)师傅所出的另个龙婆托佛牌系列.

此帮佛牌称为"SaeYit 92" 是为龙婆Kieow庆92岁生日而出的佛牌。此款龙婆托小金身佛牌款式称之为Bao Toop (圆底小金身)款,也是Phor Than Kieow师傅第一次制作的Bao Toop款。

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Anonymous said...

May i know how get this amulet? How much? How can i contact you?

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