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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Funny Thailand Ghost 泰国鬼怪-创意!

A very creative TV ads!

Thai people believe in ghosts and spirits.The first ghost in the TV ads called krasue (or Kra-Sue) is part of Southeast Asian mythology and is part of popular folklore in Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia and Thailand. It is the floating head of a vampiric female ghost. Intestines hang out of the ghost's neck and trail behind the head.

In Laos the Krasue is called Pi-Kasu. In the Philippines, it is called Manananggal. In Cambodia, is called Ap, while in Malaysia and Indonesia, it is called Penanggalan or Hantu Penanggalan

加入了泰国传说中鬼怪的元素,本人觉得是很有创意的泰国电视广告. 像第一只出现的鬼,泰国叫Kra-Su而东南亚一带国家像泰国,柬埔寨,寮国,菲律宾,印度尼西亚,马来西亚也出现关于Kra-Su的传说. 由于语言,国家地理的关系,所以各国对Kra-Su的称呼都不同.

据说泰国的Kra-Su是一种頭会飞的吸血女鬼,而鬼的腸则从脖子掛出. 在马来西亚80年代类似的传说也上过报纸哦. 泰国的Kra-Su我想应该是人家说的"飞头鬼"吧或"飞头降"吧? 马来人叫Hantu Penanggalan.

movie poster - movie about Kra-Sue


Mysticalvillage said...

Hi, there, do you have informations on the other ghost? the blue one and the flying one. are they usually kept by pp too?

Admin said...

hi Mysticalvillage,

i have no idea what ghost you are talking about, do you have the name? :)

Mysticalvillage said...

in the clips funny thailand ghost, it mentioned Kra Hung , and a blue ghost walking past but they didnt mention the names, are they also being kept? Do you have description of other ghost that pp keep? And also, thanks for the great blog you have there :O) thanks for sharing.

Admin said...

Hi Mysticalvillage, i got no idea and information about the blue ghost, maybe some other people here can help you

thank you :)

Mysticalvillage said...

Sure, thanks for your reply ;O), by the way, with regards to kumantong and lu grok, do you know of the feeding habit and ways to strengten them?

Admin said...

I got an articles about how to take care of Guman thong, but i need some time to prepare and translate into english and chinese :)

Sorry to say that i do not think that there are any special method to strengthen the power of the Guman thong.

Mysticalvillage said...

great, thank you, will check back :O)

Horus said...

I have explained the whole legend and Bucha method of Gumarn Tong in my e-book sak yant buddhist tattoos, animist spells, sacred amulets. I also expand on it with further katas and related magicx (nam man prai oil etc) in the e-zine 'Buddha Magic' which is about to see its second issue go out for online download.

The 'funny ghost' is very funny yes with the lady boy.. It is 'Nang Dtanii' - banana tree ghost, and i also tell a story about it in issue two of Buddha Magic e-zine, in the cha[ter called "Phii Thai' (Thai Ghosts)

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