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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Luang Phor Kloi Of PhuKhaoThong - Roop Meuam Pump Run Rek B.E 2549

The above amulet: mini pump statue of Luang Phor Kloi, Wat PhuKhaoThong (วัด ภูเขาทอง) PatTaLung province.

Luang Phor Kloy (หลวงพ่อคล้อย) or Phor Than Kloi (พ่อ ท่าน คล้อย ) born at B.E 2472 9th February and obtain during March B.E 2493 at Wat DonSala with given name "Anoh-Moh"

Phor Than Kloi learned the ancient "Kao Or" traditional ways to create amulet from Phor Than Yiad/Archan Yiad the Abbot of Wat DonSaLa. Archan Yiad was the top monk at PatTaLung and also the student of Archan Tong Tao of Wat Kao Or who passed away in B.E 2470. Beside learning from Archan Yiad, Luang Phor Kloi also learn from Archan Nay (Wat KhaoBanTaram) and Archan Boon Tong (Wat DonSaLa).
(above photo)Archan Yiad

His uncle Phor Than Yiad/Archan Yiad (พระอาจารย์ เอียด) some people called him Por Than DonSaLA (พ่อ ท่าน ดอนศาลา) or phra Ku Sit (พระครู สิทธิ์) (22th Feb 2425-23th Dec 2491) was the abbot of Wat DonSala (พ่อ ท่าน เอียด)。 Phor Than Yiad consider the top monk from Kao Or academy and he was appointed by Thai king to create amulet for soldier to wear and protect them in the battle of IndoChina War(B.E 2483-2484).

The above amulet is
1st batch Roop Meuam Pump made in B.E 2549 and come out with few different type material:
1. Gold
2. Silver - 579 pcs
3. Takua (lead) - 299 pcs
4. NaWak LoHa - 999pcs
5. Copper

Bottom of the amulet

Luang Phor Kloi, Wat PhuKhaoThong 现年80岁,是现时PatTaLung属一属二的高僧. 师傅出生于佛历2472年2月9日在Luang Phor Kloi 21岁时正式在Wat DonSala 剃度出家为僧,赐名为"Anoh-Moh"。

Luang Phor Kloi修行期间,他除了跟向Archan Nay (Wat KhaoBanTaram) 和 Archan Boon Tong (Wat DonSaLa) 学习外,影响Luang Phor Kloi最深的要属其导师兼叔父Wat DonSala 主持Archan Yiad。

Archan Yiad 为Wat Kao Or 的 Archan Tong Tao(ทอง เฒ่า)的高徒,除了Archan Yiad外, Archan Pan(Wat Kaor Or)Archan Nam (Wat DonSaLa)都是Archan Tong Tao的学生. 公元1940-1942 泰法战争爆发(即佛历 2483-2484年间)Archan Yiad 更为泰皇指定为上战场的泰国士兵筹制佛牌

Archan Yiad传授他毕生所学的于Luang Phor Kloi 而Luang Phor Kloi也间接的学会了Kao Or系法术和筹制佛牌的法门.

上图为Luang Phor Kloi纯银自身小金身牌制于
2549, 分别用了几种不同的金属来筹制:
2. - 579 pcs
2. Takua (锡) - 299 pcs
3. NaWak LoHa (9宝铜)- 999pcs
4. 铜
(above Picture) Wat Kao Or 的 Archan Tong Tao
(above Picture) HunPaYong by Luang Phor Kloi
Luang Phor Kloi所制的魂帕勇替身牌(阴兵,军魂)

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