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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rian Jatukam Ramathep Stamp B.E 2530 Pim Yant Kang

The purpose of first batch Jatukam amulet was created and raise funds to build city pillar at NaKhon Si Tamarat(นครศรีธรรมราช) in 1987 (B.E 2530). The Jatukam amulet was distribute during the installation ceremony of city pillar shrine(Lak Meuang ศาล หลักเมือง).

The date of the ceremony was held on 3rd August B.E 2530 in year of rabbit and
people believed the day was a very good day in these 1,000 years.
Rian Lak Meuang or Rian Jatukam Ramathep stamp (แสตมป์ ) B.E 2530 pim yant kang (ยันต์ ข้าง). Jatukam Ramathep is named for for two princes of the Srivijaya kingdom of southern Thailand.

The idea of jatukam amulet was come from the famous white robed archan - ex police major general, Archan KhunPan (ขุน พัน). Archan Khun Pan also instructed by Jatukam to lead the construction of a city pillar.

Archan Khun Pan recognised as the first efficacious man who ever make Jatukam amulet and many people have had good experiences in their lives after wearing Khun Pan's Jatukam.

People believe Jatukam Ramathep amulet will bring the wearer wealth and fortune, good luck and away from danger.

Rian Jatukam Ramathep stamp have two version : one model have ring and another without ring.

The no ring version has made in many few different type of material:
1) coated gold (ชุบ ทอง)
2) silver (เงิน)
3) nak (นาค)
4) copper (tong deng)
5) brass (tong leong)
6) alpaka

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素有“铁皮神探”称号的白衣阿占- 阿占坤潘

Jatukam Ramathep天神牌,有者将之译为中文名为"拾到金"或"澤渡今". 上图佛牌为第一批Jatukam 天神牌,模为铜制邮票款式并于佛历 2530年(西历1986年)为筹建纳空洗塔玛腊府(NaKhon Si Tamarat)的城柱(Lak Meuang)而制。
据说JPra Jatukam Ramathep(พระจตุ คาม ราม เทพ),這兩個人名所代表的是13世紀Srivijay泰王國的兩位王子。而白衣阿占- 阿占坤潘则为Jatukam Ramathep所托而发起筹建纳空洗塔玛腊府的城柱。阿占坤潘被视为制作Jatukam的第一人兼发起人,而凡经过阿占坤潘所加持的Jatukam天神牌更被泰国人视为珍宝。


1) 电镀金 (ชุบ ทอง)
2) 纯银 (เงิน)
3) nak (นาค)
4) 铜 (tong deng)
5) 黄铜(tong leong)
6) alpaka

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Jatukham and Rammathep

Niyom - Block Heng (บล๊อค เฮง)


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my bro, can i have the paritta(katha) for this amulet or the latest batch?
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How mus is this Jatukam Amulet for RENT?

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