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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sad News - Luang Phor Jer Of Wat KlangBangKeow Passed Away

Another sad news to announce :Luang Phor Jer (หลวง ปู่ เจือ) abbot of Wat KlangBangKeow (วัดกลาง บางแก้ว) passed away this morning at 11.00 am at age of 86 years old due to heart problem. Another great monk from nakhon pathom left us. Luang Phor Cher is respected as the most important Guru for the creation of the BiaGae amulet.

法贝传人-龙婆哲 Wat KlangBangKeow 于今天上午11时因心臟问题圆寂,享年86岁。

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Anonymous said...

very sad to hear....

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