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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Run Sang BaaRaMee Bpee(Year) 2519 - Luang Phor Koon B.E 2547

"Run Sang BaaRaMee Bpee2519 Yon Yok" was given permission and authorized by Luang Phor Koon of Wat Ban Rai to produced this batch of amulet. The amulet was created in B.E 2546 and keep by Luang Phor Koon. Luang phor koon put all the amulet under his bed for 3 months.


在2546年得到Wat BanRai 主持龙婆坤师傅首肯后于2546年赶制完成。 此帮龙婆坤后来为师傅放置床底3个月其后师傅再取出,于2547 至2549年间师傅都携带此帮自身牌去不同的法会一起加持念经。
The above batch amulet was total blessed 9 times by Luang Phor:
1) Blessed alone by Luang phor koon (the amulet put under his bed) for 3 months (1 pansa) in B.E 2546.
2) 5 Times blessing ceremony in B.E 2547 at: Wat Plap วัด พลับ, Wat Ngiw วัดงิ้ว and Wat Pho วัดโพธิ์, Nakhon Ratchasima.
3) Blessing ceremony at Wat NongBuaRong วัด นอง บัวรอง, Nakhon Ratchasima in B.E 2548.
4) 3 times blessing ceremony in B.E 2549.

Total quantity made for this batch:
1. Ner Tong Kam เนื้อ ทองคำ (Gold) 纯金 - 7 units
2. Ner Ngern (silver) 纯银 - 30 units
3. Ner Nawak (9 kinds of metal) - 九宝铜 20 units
4. Tong Deng (copper) - 铜 7,000 Units

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