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Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Amulet - Luang Phor Thuad Run Thong "93" B.E 2553 By Luang Phor Thong

Run Thong Gao Sip Sam (รุ่น "ทอง ๙๓") batch B.E 2553 by Luang Phor Thong/Archan Thong of Wat SamPaoCher, Pattani.

The new batch of lp thong's thuad/phra pidta amulet will be released in September 2010."

龙婆通(阿占通) Wat SamPhaoCher 筹制新一帮的龙婆托/毕打佛牌 与信善们结缘 (Run Thong 93)。根据此帮佛牌代理人的消息,佛牌即将在2010年9月出庙。而现在佛牌已经开放给信众始预订。
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