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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Archan SarKon - Wat NongKrub

Archan Sarkon (AC sarkon) of Wat Nong Krub, the Tim Isariko's ( Luang Phor Tim of Wat LahanLai) number one pupil who receiving every one of his teachings. B.E 2530 Archan Sarkon, Wat NongKrub started to make his first Khun Pean amulet by using Prai GuMan powder by Luang Phor Tim and B.E 2551 batch of KhunPean will be his final batch of Khun Pean Prai Guman.

Khun Pean amulet by Archan Sarkon, Wat NongKrub
B.E 2530 Fist batch Khun Pean Prai Guman Pim Lek (small mould) Tong Deng Tarkut (copper tarkut)

What is Prai Guman? read more ....

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