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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Love Legend of Mae Nak! My another favorite Thai Movie : Nang Nak (鬼妻)

The story of Nang Nak has been told ad infinity and remains a popular (if not the most popular) part of Thai horror lore. The story is supposed to have originated over many generations ago, and is purported to be based on true accounts of an actual woman name Nak whose faithful love for her husband defies death. In fact, the name Nak is so connected with this ghostly legend that “Nak” has almost ceased to become a viable name for new babies; hence you’ll be hardpressed to find anyone in Thailand sporting that name. (Ask anyone about Nak in Thailand and they’ll immediately know who, and what, you are talking about. It’s that widespread.)

Movie Trailer -"Nang Nak"

Because the legend is so well known, there have been countless movies and TV series on the subject, but Nonzee Nimibutr’s 1999 version is the first big budget adaptation I have seen. The story is a simple one: a woman, whose husband is off fighting a war, dies while giving birth to her son; still in love with her husband, the woman returns as a ghost and welcomes her husband home. Although the rest of the country village that the family resides in knows Nak is dead, the husband doesn’t, and believes everything to be okay. In an effort to keep her husband with her, Nak terrorizes the villagers in order to keep them quiet about her true unearthly state.

if you missed this movie don't worry!
now you can Watch "Nang Nak" online!

Click here to watch (Part 1) enjoy! (Chinese / English subtitle)
Click here to watch (Part 2)

more infomation about 鬼妻庙

Mae Nak's statue at Wat Maha But, Suan Luang District

Thai people believe, a woman who died with her baby creates a powerful spirit called "Phi Tai Hong Thong Klom".
Mae Nak, a legendary spirit who has been much revered for more than a century. Her spirit house is filled with flower garlands from worshippers. more info

Video - Mae Nak Temple

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