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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Luang Phor Thong - Wat ShamPoChey

Luang Phor Thong (Archan Thong) - Wat ShamPoChey practice Vipasana meditation and can foresee people's future, cure black magic, business prediction and many unforseen power.

Luang Phor Thong's (AC Thong) Tarkut B.E 2545 for KongKraPan

In B.E 2527, he started to make Tarkut for devotees who came to the temple to pray or made donations. Miraculously in many cases, the takruts protected the wearers from harm, accidents (kongKraPan) and for metta (for wealth/business, one of his famous metta tarkut is Tarkut Man Bo - Man Bo means dragonfly). That make him famous overnight and people started to come to the temple to sort for his takrut thereafter.

Luang Phor Thong First Batch Rian Toh Hak Ner Thong Deng (Copper made) B.E 2529

Luang Phor Thong's rian Tok Hak is very famous nowadays in Thailand. He consecrated his First batch of Lian Toh Hak in B.E 2529 and he is also famous for his Phra Khring. The latest and famous amulets that he blessed is Luang Phor Thuad amulets which consecrated in B.E 2545.

Luang Phor Thong First Batch Phra Khring Ner NaWak (NaWak Made) consecrated in B.E 2536

Lian Luang Phor Thuad B.E 2549 (Copper) by Archan Thong

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