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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shen Teng (善堂) - The Charity Organization at Thailand

The Entrance of the "Tong Shen Shen Teng" (同声善堂), "Tong Shen Shen Teng" is the one of the "Shen Teng" located at HatYai

"Shen Teng" (善堂) is a well known Teo Chew (潮洲) charity organization in Thailand. Any accident occurred in Thailand, the first to arrive at the scene is the staff from Shen Teng. They clean up dead bodies, buried those bodies which are unidentified or without family. Shen Teng also involved charity works such as medical, meals, education to the poor, funeral for the poor and those without relative to hold the funeral for the descent. Most of staff from Shen Teng are volunteer.

picture: HatYai Ton Shen Sheng Teng (合艾同声善堂) worship to 宋大峰祖师

For those people who have passed away without relative collecting their body, Shen Teng will collect these bodies and provide them with a simple coffin which will later be buried at cemetery.

Picture: Vehicle parking lot at Sheng Teng HatYai

Donation counter at "Shen Teng" (donate coffin and medicine for the poor)

**Special thanks for Ken Goh
providing those photo


Anonymous said...

Anyone can advise the address of this Shen Teng in English?

bccm28 said...

I stay in KL Malaysia, can you show me the way for donate the coffin to Tong Shen Shen Teng?

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