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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Luang Phor Kaew - Wat SamPanMaiKien

Luang Phor Kaew born in B.E 2455 (1912), he ordain at the age of 54 years old (B.E 2509) at Wat SaiKow and his teacher is Archan Nong.

Luang Phor Kaew the great monk of the temple of Saphan Meikaen, Jana District, Songkla province. He is the greatest monk of all with widespread reputation about his shining supernatural knowledge and his powerful strength of magic spells.

Luang Phor Kaew is very well known for his long time practice of Buddhism studies and white charms and he is highly praised for the experienced mastery in exceptional spell and magic usage. His seventy over years of priesthood describes how he has made numerous holy pilgrimage roaming through multiple deep forests and mountains to study science of spells, Buddhist charms and occultism. During those times, Luang Phor Kaew had practiced Dharma and the transcendent virtues so vigorously that he had succeeded in sharpening supernatural knowledge and has accumulated thirty years of valuable experience and knowledge in the today’s world.

Picture above: First Batch Rian B.E 2545 by Luang Phor Kaew, Wat SamPanMaiKien

Picture above: Back view of Luang Phor Kaew Rian B.E 2545

Luang Phor Kaew also practices the transcendent power of tranquility meditation in Kuan Khao Haeng Cemetery, which is an isolated place deep in rubber forest in Jana district well known for its highly populated by devilish spirits.

Miracle experience of Luang Phor Kaew's Amulet

Luang Phor Kaew, the divince diety of all supernatural charms and amulets, devil-defeated coins, tukruts and charmmark lucks, showing the mighty power of world-shaking wonders when six lives were saved unbelievably from the religious terrorists’ destructive bombing.

The news was widely spread about the merciless bombing situation amidst the crowd-massed tourist attractions in Bali, Indonesia. The coldhearted terrorists tickled a big bomb in one of the entertainment outlet, causing a few hundreds of tourists’ death. However, there were six lives that had escaped from death and without any injuries.

The Picture above : Phra Luang Phor Thuad amulet by Luang Phor Kaew consecrated in B.E 2549

Picture above : Back view of Phra Luang Phor Thuad Amulet (B.E 2549)

It was later found out that all the six person who survived from the bombing, are faithful to Luang Phor Kaew. They admitted themselves as being Luang Phor Kaew’s disciples at the Temple of Saphan MeiKaen, situated in the deep forest of Jana District, Songkla Province. They had themselves cast with a holy blow on their heads by Luang Phor Kaew, which was believe to contain protective blessings. They were also given some charms to wear.

The amulets from Luang Phor Kaew of the Temple of Saphan Meikaen have been proved by many critical events and life threatening experiences. They are well known and become widespread accredited not only in Thailand, but also among foreigners of different religions. They have witnessed the happenings themselves and respected wholeheartedly and faithfully in Luang Phor Kaew.

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hi, thanks for your effort in making this article available in the net. it is a very useful & good knowledge. P/s: do u feel the power of Luang Phor's amulet even by looking at the picture that u hv posted? any special experience or feeling?

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