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Friday, September 19, 2008

Archan Nong - Wat SaiKow

Archan Nong - Wat SaiKow

Archan Nong abbot of Wat Saikow. Phra Archan Nong is regarded as a pioneer in the creation of Luang Phor Thuad amulets. He was considered one of the greatest masters. The only other master accredited with this ability was Archan Tim of Wat ChangHai. (阿占农生平中文版简介

Archan Nong respect Archan Tim (Wat Chang Hai) very much. Archan Nong follow Archan Tim's foot steps in hhamma and magic chant. One of the obvious achievement of Archan Nong (Wat Saikow) was the creation of Tarkut NaraiPengRoop. The Tarkut - NaraiPengRoop is use by the owners to protect from evil, spirits and accidents.

LP Thuad amulet by Archan Nong Wat SaiKow B.E 2540 Pim Yai (Big Mould and mix with B.E 2497 powder) - Silver Tarkut

The batch of B.E 2514 and B.E 2540 Phra Luang Phor(LP Thuad) is special because each amutes have a Tarkut - NaraiPengRoop inserted which is very good for metta, prevent black magic, evil spirit, Protection (kongkraPan)

What is Tarkut NaraiPengRoop?

If someone Wants to harm you, it was claimed the tarkut - NaraiPengRoop could change your form and avert the danger, this is why this Tarkut is called Tarkut NaraiPengRoop (change the form).

NaraiPengRoop Tarkut - By Archan Nong, Wat SaiKow

"Sam Thuad" Amulets - Wat SaiKow B.E 2507
Sam Thuad (Means 3 "Thuad" in Thai) is referring to the three "Thuad" who is : Luang Phor Thuad, Thuad SiTiChai and Thuad Mam


duncan said...

Bro, do you have any archan nong's takrut to offer? i want to get one to wear. Thanks.

Admin said...

Hi duncan,

I dont have extra tarkut to let go..sorry :)

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