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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Luang Phor Galong First Batch Locket B.E 2548

The above amulet blessed by Luang Phor Galong (หลวงปู่ กาหลง), the abbot of Wat Khao Leam in B.E 2548.

This 1st batch of Luang Phor Galong locket during Buddhist Era (B.E.) 2548 and total bless for 2 times (master Galong perform the chanting alone with the amulet for 5 months), the back of the locket attached with :
1) 108 herbs and mixture
2) Hair of Luang Phor Galong
3) Robes
4) silver tarkut

Total quantity made: 1,999 units
上图为第一期宝牙奇僧- 龙婆卡隆师傅(Wat Khao Leam主持)的自身Locket牌. 以上自身Locket牌于佛历 2548年出庙. 龙普卡隆善于制作符筒,师傅早年就已经以制KongKraPan符筒闻名.

第一期龙普卡隆自身Locket牌总共进行了2次的加持仪式,其中师傅本身就独自为此牌加持了5个月之久, 此帮Locket计有2个版本,其中这款共制 1,999粒.

以上自身Locket牌, 牌背放有:
1) 108种材料制成的粉
2) 另外加上了师傅的头发


ctzehock said...

Hi, I was researching for thai amulet and came across your blog and i say that it's a very informative site.
the more i read, the more interested i feel like getting one.

As i going to bangkok this dec, i was wondering where i could get a khun pean or a somdej amulet?

i heard LP Tim Khun pean amulet are very good? is it still possible to get them?

Admin said...

hi ctzehock , thanks for visiting my blog :)

If you are looking for new somdej you can rent from Wat Rakang Or Wat Inn. KhunPea amulet you can try to get it from Wat Lahanlai or Wat NongJob (located at Royong)

LP Tim khunPean of coz is good but i think you only able to it collector or amulet dealer and it's not cheap... as i heard,some of the pim worth more than 200,000 bht.

ctzehock said...

thank you admin

you're really helpful and thanks for the information.

out of the temples u mentioned, I search my map but i can't really get the location of wat lahanlai, care to help :-)

Admin said...

hi ctzehock, you can search google map with this keywords: วัด ละหารไร่(Wat LahanLai)or ระยอง(royong)

ctzehock said...

yes, i found it, thanks for your help

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm searching for a Chinnaraj statue to place at my new home, where can I buy it?

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