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Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Powerful Talisman - TarKut

Tarkut made by various monk (list from up to bottom in sequence ) - Luang Phor Kalong, Luang Phor Kalong, Luang Phor Joy, Luang Phor Kaew, Archan WuTai, Luang Phor Thong.

What is Tarkut?
Tarkut (Takrud) is a roll talisman sheet, sacred mantras, diagrams, pictures or magical words that were inscribed on a piece of metal ... like gold, silver and Tin (pronouced as Takua/ TaGua in Thai), palm leaf, wood, ivory, tiger skin, bone or other uncommon material.and people in Malaysia normally named it as "TangKai" (in Malay language).

Most of the Tarkut mainly consecrated for KongKraPan(mainly for protection purpose, take away all dangers suffer, protected the wearers from harm, accidents, black magic) or Metta (mainly for personal attractiveness, luck, wealth/business and protection) purpose.

After the tarkut has been written, it will be consecrated by the master himself thru special session. It is then normally rolled into a tube form with center empty, sometimes both end are sealed and rings are tied over it. Takrud is not that conspicuous, easy to carry and conceal. It is always hung over the neck, tied around the waist or kept in the pocket, and therefore favoured and worn by many top and senior army, police personnel and serious collector. Takrut made by famous monk are very rare and even harder to find than amulets.

Famous Monk of Making Tarkut
There are many monk that are very efficious in making Takut, such as Luang Phor Sook/ Suk MaKhamThao (Wat MaKhamThao - Takut by Master Sook is the most sought-after lucky charm among tarkut aficionados and antique collectors), Archan Nong (Wat SaiKow), Luang Phor Cham Long (Wat Chedi Deng), Luang Phor Kalong (Wat KaoLaem), Luang Phor Tad (Wat Chai Na), Luang Phor Thong (Wat ShamPoChey), Luang Phor Koon (Wat Bahn Rai/Wat Ban Rai) and Lung Phor Pern (Wat Bang Pra) and etc.

Tarkut上经文,咒语,图腾 (Tarkut by Archan Deng,Wat Rai)

什么是Tarkut ?
Tarkut/Takrud("打固")是一种"符卷"(符管/符筒), 制作Tarkut的师傅多会亲自在素材上写上经文,咒语,图腾.常见用来制做Tarkut的素材像:金,银,锡(Takua),虎皮,棕榈叶,木材,象牙,骨头或其他少见的素材物质.在马来西亚这种"符卷"也称做"当盖"(马来语为"TangKai").Tarkut一般都用来増进人缘(metta) 或不能伤害 (KongKraPan)2个功用.



Tarkut by Luang Phor Cher (Wat KlangBangKaew)

说到Tarkut名师要属 Wat MaKhamThao 的Luang Phor Sook หลวงปู่ ศุข (Sook MaKhamThao) 了. 由于师傅的Tarkut年代久远..现在已经非常罕见了.其他著名的Tarkut名师有 Archan Nong (Wat SaiKow), Luang Phor Cham Long (Wat Chedi Deng), Luang Phor Kalong (Wat KaoLaem), Luang Phor Tad, (Wat Chai Na), Luang Phor Thong 龙婆通 (Wat ShamPoChey), Luang Phor Koon 龙婆坤 (Wat Bahn Rai/Wat Ban Rai) and Lung Phor Pern 龙婆本 (Wat Bang Pra).

Ralated video about Tarkut which i found on youtube.
very interesting video :) enjoy!

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