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Sunday, January 3, 2010

First Batch Phra Khring B.E 2547 - Luang Phor Galong

First batch Phra Khring amulet by luang phor Galong of Wat Khao Leam. This amulet had use 9 type of special metal and added in several holy minerals (i.e : prime ingredients of Phra Kring from wat Suthat , prime ingredients of Luang Phor Kasem’s Phra Kring in Lampang) into the amulets.

This batch of Phra Krhing amulet had 3 version:
1) Partial Gold version - made 999 units
2) Silver base version - made 199 units
3) normal version - made 1,999 units
以上佛牌为Wat Khao Leam前主持师傅 - 龙婆卡隆第一期药师佛(佛历2547). 龙婆卡隆师傅把他早期四处收罗的经卷,符筒,9宝铜并加上特别的材料(像:wat Suthat跟龙婆卡贤师傅制作药师佛的主要原料)熔铸而成.

此药师佛制作严谨,此帮药师佛牌于BE 2546年就开始筹备,师傅把收罗到的材料镕制后为之加持3个月。

其后于B.E 2547年9月在Wat Khao Leam进行倒模制作药师佛牌并为佛牌进行加持仪式。佛牌制作完成后师傅又另行为佛牌加持多3个月。

同年11月12号在wat Suthat进行隆重的开光加持仪式,11月26号在Wat Khao Leam进行最后加持然后才出庙让信善恭请。

1) 盖金款 - 制999粒
2) 银底 - 制199粒
3) 普通 - 制1,999粒


Jimlim925 said...

I think the information provided regarding the quantity made was not accurate.

The real answers should be as stated below.

The 3 types as follows:

1) Silver base version stamped with 2 codes-199pieces

2) Gold version stamped with 1 codes-999pieces

3) Normal Version without code -9999pieces

The rarest of all is the silver base version which was made 199 pieces. There are special materials under the Phra kring Buddha seat which they used the silver plate to sealed it thus know as silver plate edition. & there are 2 codes at the back of the seat.

Many people misunderstood that gold version was the most expensive but the facts is the silver base version are rarer because 199 was consecrated.

Please be informed that there are special materials under the seat for the silver base version only & there are 2 codes at the back.
The gold edition one was made 999 pieces & there is 1 code at the back of the Buddha seat. Nothing was hidden under the base of the Phra kring Buddha seat for the gold edition & normal edition type.

All the 3 types of 2547 phra kring’s mentioned above are blessed by Luang phor Garlong & when you shake any of the phra kring 2547 amulets it will produce a sharp "Gring Gring" sound.

The 3 different versions of 2547 Phra kring that was mentioned above are all equally powerful. The price vary is because of limited quantity made.

Admin said...

Hi Jimlim925,

thanks for your comment. Maybe you are right, the information that i obtain from the thai website and maybe the quantity they wrote was wrong. :)

BTW are you sure the normal verion khring made 9999 pieces? just wonder that.

Jimlim925 said...

I have got the information regarding the quantity made from a Thai translator. Definitely more than 1999 pieces were made because your Phra Kring number is 7773 under the display picture. The silver base edition & gold edition number are stamped in Thai numbers.

It doesn’t matter which versions collectors are collecting as long as it is a genuine piece by Luang Phor Garlong unless they want something more special. The prices vary accordingly to the quantity made. Yours is 100% real, the condition is very nice & well protected.

9999 pieces can be considered as limited quantity made. I hope that collectors will not distinguish Phra Kring 2547 Buddha amulets by differentiating which versions is the best because every single piece that was consecrated is the effort & hardwork of Luang phor Garlong.

Buddhism will not have any differences between rare or common. Everything is equal & should be treated with respect.

I would like to thank you for the effort of updating your blog & sharing generous information with us.

May you be well & happy!!!

Admin said...

Hi Jimlim925,

hmm....The number of my Phra Khring is 1113...

Jimlim925 said...

Sry for the 9,999 pieces. You are correct. 1,999 pieces was made in 2547.

This time confirm 100% accurate. I sent my books to 4 persons to verify.

1) Silver base version stamped with 2 codes-199pieces

2) Gold version stamped with 1 codes-999pieces

3) Normal Version without code -1999pieces


Admin said...


As i found the actual quantity is:

1. ก้น เงิน สร้าง 199 องค์ (silver base made 199 pcs)

2. เกศ ทอง สร้าง เพียง 999 องค์ (gold version Made 999 pcs)

3. เนื้อ นวะ สร้าง เพียง 1999 องค์ (ner Nawak loha made 1999 pcs)

thanks you!

Jimlim925 said...

Yup you are correct now...

Silver base version-199
Gold version-999
Normal version-1999

I have some of his books but all in Thai. The translator provided me details of 9,999 for the normal version. I was wrong about the normal version that was made 9,999 & the Thai web that provided you with gold version that was made 199 was also wrong .

But surely we get it right now. Thank for updating.:)

Admin said...

Hi Jimlim925,

no problem :)

thank you! :)

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