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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rian Run Rek B.E 2516 By Luang Phor Mum, Wat KhaoDeng

The above amulet is the 1st batch rian of "Luang Phor Mum Ya Sa Roh" (หลวงพ่อหมุน ยสโร) abbot of Wat KaoDaeng PhatThaLung province famous guru of south Thailand.

Luang Phor Mum learned magic from Archan Tong Tao of Wat Kao Or and he also good in mediation and Magic he also good in Pali Language so he is learn from ancient Cambodia scroll and learn herbal medicine. Lp Mum was famous in south Phattalung and folks in PhatThaLung province respect/admire him and as an expert in transitional medication and magic.
Luang Phor Mum Born in 6th April 2440 Saturday. When Luang Phor Mum 6 years old his parent send him obtain at Wat KaoDeang until age of 17 and formally obtain as monk in 3th May B.E 2457 and pha koo InThaMoLee as his mentho.

When age of 20 he formally become monk (sunday) 10th May B.E 2460 and follow Archan Dit Wat PakSaRa and have the name "YaSaRoh". In Year B.E 2490 he was appointed as abbot for Wat KaoDeang. He also invited to bless amulet for soildier IndoChina War and WWII.

Luang Phor Mum passed away in B.E 2526 peaceful on monday 10th January age of 86 pansa
65 years.
上图师傅自身牌为Wat KhaoDeang的主持师傅龙婆曼(luang phor mun) 的第一期自身铜牌,此牌制于佛历2516年制作数量不明.

龙婆曼出于佛历2440年(即西历1897年),泰南的趴他龙府. 佛历2460年5月10日当年Luang phor mun 20岁时,正式出家为僧,赐名YaSaRoh (ยสโร).

佛历2490年被委任为Wat KhaoDeang主持,佛历2525年册封为"PhraKroo Ta Woon Chai Kun", 次年佛历2526年(西历1983年)圆寂,享年86岁.

Luang phor mun 于泰法战争及世界二战年间, 也常受邀参与各种佛牌的开光加持仪式,所以师傅当年常奔走泰南的趴他龙府Phatthalung,宋卡府Shongkla 和北大年符Pattani一带为佛牌开 光.

Luang phor mun 当年Luang phor mun 曾追随泰南archan Tong Tao (Wat KaoOr主持) 学习法术与阿占南,阿占潘,luang phor kloi的师傅阿占Yiad分属同门师兄弟. 除此之外Luang phor mun也精通巴利文,高棉语Kom跟医术. 当年Luang phor mun于趴他龙省为当地的信众医病解难所以很受当地信众欢迎.

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