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Friday, September 19, 2008

Archan Tim Wat ChangHai - The Creator Luang Phor Thuat Amulet

Archan Tim (AC Tim) abbot of Wat ChangHai and the first master ever make Luang Phor Thuad (LP Thuad) amulet.

In B.E 2490s, Archan Tim (Wat ChangHai) and Archan Nong decided to get some amulets to give to all the donors that help to re-build and furbish Wat ChangHai. They traveled all the way to Bangkok to look for amulets and un-expectedly they met many Guru Monks of Wat Rakang and; were imparted with the knowledge of making scarce amulet. Method of how Somdej Toh (Archan Toh, Wat RaKang) made his famous and efficacious Somdejs.

Lian KeKor B.E 2511 Pim TaMaDa (Normal Mould)

Phra Luang Phor Thuad amulet by Archan Tim, Wat ChangHai

Archan Tim and Archan Nong decided to make their own amulets that they wanted to give away to all donors. They traveled to a lot of places that were associated with Luang Phor Thuad (LP Thuat). Such as where he was ordained, where he used to stay, where he was buried etc. and collected all the holy soils from those places. Most important, they were actively in meditation to ask for approval from LP Thuad to collect the soils for the making of the B.E.2497 Luang Phor Thuad amulets. Meditation was conducted in all the holy places that they had traveled to. These make the holy soils even more scarce. Furthermore, they are mixed with many herbs’ materials (108 types).

(Above Picture) Photo of Archan Tim (AC Tim) abbot of Wat ChangHai

Archan Tim Luang Phor Thuad B.E 2497

The Entrance of Wat ChangHai


Suraksakh said...

This is not phet na thang, phet na thang actually is 1 kind of tree( in thai they call 'ton tin pet' which is mean 'duck leg tree') grow on the stone. 'Phet', mean diamond; 'na', mean infront and 'thang', mean the tick metal they use to hit sword. But many people misunderstand, most of them was Chinese community. The tree grow on the stone is almost impossible, that why few people really know Pet Na Thang, but take the cheap stone and sell as it. This type of stone i can buy for USD10 per KG. But the real Pet Na Thang you can't even buy it with money.

Admin said...

hi Suraksakh
I think you are referring to this post

The article is translated from a Thai magazine and this is first time i heard about the actual material behind the lp deang thuad was 'ton tin pet' :)

Thanks for your valuable comments.
how 'ton tin pet' written in Thai language? i will do some reseaarch for this. thanks anyway :)

Suraksakh said...

I cant write nor read in thai but 'ton tin pet' is growing everywhere but it hardly grow on top of the stone. We'd found it once in Narathiwat jungle, our guru and few of us was there and we took the wood and invited the 'spirit' to come with us. We'd carved the wood for puja.

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