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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smooth Sailing Career - Roon "Sampao Tong Riak Sap" BE 2552 - By Luang Phor Thong

The above woodcraft sailboat blessed by Luang Phor Thong of Wat Wat ShamPoChey, Pattani province. The purpose of this batch is to raise fund for helping the poor students of the school at Pattani province.

"Sampao Tong Riak Sap" in English means "Golden Wealth Ship Bring Money". This fist batch of "Sampao Tong Riak Sap" total produce 999 set
1) 199 set sailboat with 1 yant flag
2) 800 set china junk junk with 3 yant flag

The dimension of the sailboat is:
wide 11 cm x length 55 cm x tall 45 cm.

Many Chinese believed that a wealth ship laden with treasure placed pointing inwards to symbolize the ship returning home triumphant from its various conquests had helped them multiply their inflow of cash and created abundance in wealth for them.

大家所知道的Wat Wat ShamPoChey主持龙婆通(หลวงพ่อ ทอง)师傅, 所出的龙婆托佛牌一向是近年来龙婆托佛牌收藏家的首选。但除了避险圣物外其实龙坡通是精通制作招财佛牌圣物如:蜻蜓Tarkut, TohHak佛牌等.

上图这艘帆船可是龙婆通师傅第一次出的"Sampao Tong Riak Sap".

"Sampao Tong Riak Sap"翻译为中文是为"招财金船",招财金船身宽11 cm长 55 cm 高则为 45 cm共做999艘:
1) 199艘"招财金船" 一支旗款,上画有龙坡通的经文
2) 800艘"招财金船" 3支旗款,上画有龙坡通的经文


帆船也是中国人喜欢用的风水摆设也有一帆风顺的好意头. 把这首艘"招财金船"摆在办公室应该很帅..哈

"招财金船" 一支旗款

800艘"招财金船" 3支旗款,上画有龙坡通的经文
china Junk produced 800 set


tinlung said...

nice ship.
wonder how can i 'chao' them.
can give advise?

Admin said...

hi tinlung,

i just asked my thai friend they told me roughly about 10000+ bht

you can ask the amulet dealer..they will help you..i am here to share information only :)

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