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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thai Amulet Book - Luang Phor Thong ShamPaoChey

The amulet book compiled list of amulets (B.E2505-B.E2549) blessed by Luang Phor Thong (Archan Thong) of Wat ShamPaoChey. The book Price at : 180 Thai baht with 90 full-color pages.

全彩色共90页的佛牌专辑记载了 Wat ShamPoChey 主持龙坡通师傅的于佛历2505至2549年间所制的佛牌,打固,布符等经典系列. 书价180泰铢.
书中不可少的经典 Somdej Toh Har 2529
Tarkut 系列

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